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North Carolina Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, acknowledges Brunswick and Duplin Counties’ Register of Deeds Offices at Fall Conference


The Register of Deeds Offices of Brunswick and Duplin Counties are the first—and currently only—that satisfy all the requirements of the NC Secretary of State’s Indexing Standards Review


Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 — During the North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds Fall Conference, Elaine Marshall, NC Secretary of State, acknowledged Robert Robinson and Davis Brinson, the Register of Deeds for Brunswick and Duplin Counties. Robinson and Brinson received a standing ovation for being the first and only Registers whose recording software is in total compliance with the current North Carolina Indexing Standards Review.


The Indexing Standards Review is used to verify that Registers' software systems meet minimum NC Indexing standards and NC statutes, as required by law. Also, this audit is critical to ensure that Registers’ software systems index land records in a consistent way across the State. The last Indexing Standards Review was 12 years ago.


Both Brunswick and Duplin Counties Use the RecordingPRO® System

RecordingPRO® is provided by Internet Technologies, a Wilmington, NC based corporation. RecordingPRO® is a complete land, vital records, office work flow and public records search solution.


Designed specifically to meet the statutory requirements of NC Register of Deeds, RecordingPRO® has passed the Indexing Standards Review. Moreover, RecordingPRO® has committed to comply with all other recording laws for both land records, vital records and all related functions.



TrueRECORDING™ Elegantly Solves the Race to File Dilemma

The need for simultaneous multiple recording was once an issue found primarily in larger counties, where multiple recording stations were required due to volume. However, all NC counties will face the Race to File issue as E-recording becomes commonplace. RecordingPRO® is the only recording system that utilizes patent-pending TrueRECORDING™ technology. This capability ensures automatic compliance with NC Race to File statutes, eliminating this area of concern for the Register.


Lightning-Fast Public Records Search Capabilities

The developers of RecordingPRO® know that the whole point of maintaining an electronic index is to find the requested Instruments quickly and efficiently. Therefore, we developed a research system with lightning-fast public records search capabilities—particularly with large databases. Furthermore, RecordingPRO® provides comprehensive selectable filters so that users can find exactly what they want within seconds. The system even allows arbitrarily long or unusual company or personal names to be indexed and searched with great ease! Our proprietary search technology, running on economical PC hardware, makes the job quick, easy and efficient. The result: saving time equals saving money!



RecordingPRO® Simplifies Training, Minimizes Downtime and Offers Real-Time, Off-Site Backup

A powerful feature of the RecordingPRO® software suite is that it is completely web-browser-based. This attribute helps to simplify the training process of new Register of Deeds staff and other users, since almost everyone knows how to use the web! Furthermore, being a web-browser-based application eliminates the problems associated with installing complex software on individual staff workstations. Complete real-time, off-site backup is another available option. Even after a catastrophe, the RecordingPRO® system can be accessed securely from a remote data center via the Internet. Within minutes, the Register can continue operations—starting from the last transaction recorded in their office. What more could you ask for?


It’s a Win / Win Situation—Higher Quality Service and Lower Costs for Tax Payers

RecordingPRO® is a complete Register of Deeds office management package. It provides all needed document recording services as well as integrated accounting and report generation. Utilizing over 12 years experience with advanced supply chain and work flow management methods, RecordingPRO® can save a great deal of time for staff members at Register of Deeds offices. This is accomplished by automating many of the processes that, traditionally, were manually performed. This results in higher quality service, and lower costs for tax payers.


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