RecordingPRO(R) was the first Register of Deeds software vendor in compliance with the NC Indexing Standards Review.

The Indexing Standards Review is used to verify that Registers' software systems meet minimum NC Indexing standards and NC statutes, as required by law. Also, this audit is critical to ensure that Registers’ software systems index land records in a consistent way across the State. The last Indexing Standard review was 12 years ago.

RecordingPRO(R) is a complete land, vital records, office work flow and public records search solution.  Designed specifically to meet the statutory requirements of NC Register of Deeds, RecordingPRO(R) has passed the Indexing Standards Review. Moreover, RecordingPRO(R) has committed to comply with all other recording laws for both land records, vital records and all related functions.  

RecordingPRO(R) is the only system that utilizes patent pending TrueRECORDING(TM) technology. TrueRECORDING(TM) allows Register of Deeds to record multiple documents simultaneously – while meeting the North Carolina "Race to File" Statutes. This is critical for legal compliance in North Carolina and other states that have similar land recording laws. States with strict "Race to File" laws include North Carolina, Delaware and Louisiana. Many other states have similar arrival sequence requirements as well.

North Carolina Registers need TrueRECORDING(TM) if they:

(1) have more than one Recording Station and Record Simultaneously

(2) receive Land Records by mail, while simultaneously serving the public, or

(3) are currently, or are planning on doing E-Recording. RecordingPRO(R) has some of the fastest public records search capabilities available. Particularly for searching large databases.

RecordingPRO(R) provides complex search results withing seconds, where competing systems can take minutes on similar sized databases. This is accomplished using proprietary search technology, running on cost effective hardware. More importantly, RecordingPRO(R) allows you to search by any combination of a person or companies name. This has become an increasing legal issue in North Carolina where documents have been recorded where the borrower has a name that is longer, or is different from names traditionally used. If the Register can't readily tell how to divide the name into first, middle and last areas, it can cause a future title searcher to potentially miss the record.

Using RecordingPRO(R) for searches, as long as part, or combinations of the name are known, it is possible to find the record. This critical search distinction helps Registers avoid complex legal liabilities.

RecordingPRO(R) is completely web based and manages all aspects of NC Registers' operations. A unique option available is complete real-time off-site backup. In the event the entire Register of deeds' office is destroyed, the system can be accessed from a remote mirrored data center. Within minutes, the Register can continue operations - from the last transaction recorded in their office.

Utilizing over 12 years experience with advanced supply chain and work flow management methods, RecordingPRO(R) can save from 25% to 70% of staffs time. This ultimately results in higher quality service, and lower costs for tax payers. Being a NC based company, the fees associated with using RecordingPRO(R) are kept in the local economy. Many competing software systems are very expensive and provided by out of state vendors.

RecordingPRO(R) High Points:

From a single Recording station - to as many needed. RecordingPRO¨ grows with you as your office expands. Currently North Carolina Counties have installations from 1 to 15 simultaneous Recording Stations.

Real Time "instant service" as well as "delayed service" can be provided from each workstation. Scanning can be done at immediately or later as a batch process. 

Our patent-pending “TrueRECORDING(tm)” technology allows you to have multiple simultaneous recording stations - and still comply with the NC "Race to File" requirement.

Very easy for your staff to learn and use. Typically, new employees can be recording after a single 30 minute training session. The system integrates your office, procedures and work flow. How you do business becomes part of the system, easing transitions if key staff retire or leave.

Billing and accounting is completely integrated. Your daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports are created directly from the system. A log of all receipt transactions is kept for a minimum of 12 months from each event. This includes a complete itemized tracking of every receipt.

Customer printing and related services can be paid for with the include "draw down account". With RecordingPRO¨ there is no need for vending card systems for printing, etc. All financial activity from the "draw down account" is integrated with the normal system financial reports.

No more need for printed Day book logs - or Temp index logs: Grantor names, and the workstation where the instrument is being processed are displayed on a public viewable monitor soon as a transaction begins. Once the instrument has been received, it immediately shows up as a "Temporary" instrument in the main in-house search system. There is no need for a separate "Temp" index system. As additional information is added to the instrument it is displayed real time in the in-house search system all the way to final warranting.

Both Warranted and temporary data is viewable from the RecordingPRO¨ Internet system. Updates can be nightly, hourly or real time.

Our Archive Index system allows access to your Legacy books from a web browser. This index can be made search able by Grantor and Grantee Names.

Security - We exceed industry standards for security both on the Internet and internally. All workstations and servers are secured both from both external AND internal intrusion. This reduces risk from both Viruses and Hackers from outside AND inside your network.

Reliability - We have a proven track record for outstanding reliability in both small and large North Carolina Counties. All servers are configured with RAID arrays and automated system monitoring. We provide a unique option of having your systems transactions updated live (real time) to a separate redundant server. This can be at your location or at our data center. With off site mirroring, even if your entire facility is destroyed, you will be able to begin recording again from the last transaction. Since the systems are web based, this can be done very quickly from a remote location. Secure backup options. Data can be backed up locally, via Tape, and off site.

Local Support - we are a North Carolina corporation with local engineers. Instant support options are provided - where we video conference to your desktop.

Afford ability- our software is Web Based and runs on a variety of hardware. RecordingPRO¨ is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Ready for E-Recording and E-Notarization

Unsurpassed speed and ease of use for looking up indexes. We utilize a unique search system that provides split second results on very large databases.

User interface enhancements for Title Searchers and Surveyors - specific requests of North Carolina Title Searchers and Surveyors have now been incorporated into RecordingPRO¨. These workflow performance enhancements have dramatically increased the speed your constituents can access your records.

Web based Marriage Applications and certified document requests.