Advanced Public Search - Unmatched Performance

RecordingPRO(R) has some of the fastest public records search capabilities available. Particularly for searching large databases. RecordingPRO(R) provides complex search results withing seconds, where competing systems can take minutes on similar sized databases. This is accomplished using proprietary search technology, running on cost effective hardware.

More importantly, RecordingPRO(R) allows you to search by any combination of a person or companies name. This has become an increasing legal issue in North Carolina where documents have been recorded where the borrower has a name that is longer, or is different from names traditionally used. If the Register can't readily tell how to divide the name into first, middle and last areas, it can cause a future title searcher to potentially miss the record. Using RecordingPRO(R) for searches, as long as part, or combinations of the name are known, it is possible to find the record. This critical search distinction helps Registers avoid complex legal liabilities.